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Links do Dia: 09/06/08

1. “Shyamalan Defendido”: Brad Brevet escreve uma defesa levemente histérica mas bem-vinda do M. Night Shyamalan. O único problema é que ele diz que a reviravolta em A Vila não foi uma boa reviravolta. Não, vagal, foi simplesmente a reviravolta mais tematicamente relevante da carreira do pobre coitado.

[“The final argument against Night is that he is egotistical. I touched on this already this week, but it would be irresponsible to not cover all bases. Let’s say Night thinks he is the greatest director of all-time. First off, what does that hurt? How does it hurt his films? A commenter at IMDb believes Lady in the Water is to be taken literally and believes Night is trying to say “he’s the WRITER THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD!!!” Then again, by that logic Clint Eastwood believes he is a Wild West gunslinger as well as a bad ass San Francisco cop. To that I must ask Clint to make a decision, you can’t have both.”]


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